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The New Concept Of Umbrella Blocking The Rain Using Air

Can you imagine an umbrella that is invisible protecting you? But hey this is true, this late 2014 of September 24th Air Umbrella were launched. This gadget invented by a group of professionals from China which hold a degree and masters in Aeronautics from Beijing University of Aeronautics and Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics. This new concept of umbrella ditches the canopy and blow the rain away. In some umbrella I’ve known lately the owner can watch weather news but this new one is most likely different. This umbrella now a fundraising by the Kickstart. It eliminates the winding canopy from high winds and it would keep you from poking someone’s eye with those sharp pointy tips.

The awkwardness of cloth cover on umbrella replaced by the air spitting block the rain. When the power up is on, the tip spits out air in differing direction which changing the landing course of droplets. There are three main part in controlling the device: The controller switch found at the bottom, in the middle is a Lithium battery, and above is bulb like with motor that blows air. The umbrella has a different version said by the inventors,

    A. The umbrella is available for women about 30 centimeters long and 500 grams in weight.It is not scalable. The battery life is about 15 minutes lifespan.
    B.The umbrella is in the basic style. It is 50 centimeters and 800 grams in weight. The battery is about 30 minutes lifespan.
    C.The umbrella is scalable. It is about 50 meters after shortened and 80 centimeters after extended. The umbrella weighs 850 grams and the battery lifespan is 30 minutes.

What can you say about this new umbrella? Handy right? Like and share to your friends. You can live a comment below as well.

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