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Plane Land The Highways And Swaggering With Elegance While Mark Behind The Wheels

The man behind this brainy vehicle is Mark Ray, a 56-year-old designer of this quirky car. Mark converted the light aeroplane into a plane car, a fusion of a 2003 Cirrus SR22 and Chevrolet tracker that amount $10, 000. His 17-year-old daughter Brianna encourage him to build new toy as it seems his already bored with his boat car. He worked hard for his plane car project and took five months to finish the vehicle with the help of Steve West of Flex-fab, Mike Rivera of Rivera’s Upholstery and Brandon Geddings of Controlled Motors.

He needed to make plane car to be road legal so that he can drive the car anywhere he want to. He put side-view mirrors and tag and tail lights lastly the sit belt. It can officially be driven anywhere now since it pass the legal qualifications. Plane car hit the road and not the air this time.

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