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Teenage Girl Incredibly Builds Car From A Scratch

Fourteen year old Kathryn DiMaria’s mind work like and think like an engineer. She prefer grease and old jeans to lipstick and high heels. She working to remodel and fixing a Pontiac Fiero to her won desire. She became interested buying cars and fixing when she was twelve years old. She paid the project herself with the money she earned from babysitting. Her father and uncle helping her in rebuilding her car. It annoyed her when the people keep asking, ‘If what the feeling being a girl doing this?’. Her response is, ‘It really doesn’t matter I’m a girl.’ She’s capable of doing this like any other people. Many think that this is a field for men only but there is some women who had a big contribution in the world of engineering

For years she restored the car every part of it by hand, in learning so fast in advance of mechanical skills such as welding, grinding, upholstering, and sand-blasting. Her personality in viewing that not only men can overtake the field of engineering but women, she will embarked a journey in shattering gender stereotypes.

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