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Amusing Replica Of One Of The World’s Desirable Car, Ferrari 250 GTO

Ferrari 250 GTO was first built-in 1962 but Rod Tempero made incredible replica of this luxury-sport car. Rod building and restoring motorbikes, fire trucks and ambulances with his father. Since then, he started to rebuilt high-end race or fast cars from 1950s and 60s. And one of his work product in this new babe Ferrari 250 GTO.

The replica was built inside the chicken shed in Omaru, New Zealand. Recently this car has been delivered to its customer requested Rod to build a car like this. And the incredible car has 4.4 liter, V12 engine could be worth over a million dollars, providing 324 break hose path has 7, 500 fbm. It can top speed the real car in 170 miles an hour. During the development of the car. Rod and his team constructed a body wooden template for the car and all made by hand. The customization of car takes time.

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