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Astonishing World Record In Future Travel Using Farthest Flight Of HoverBoard

New technology exist and evolve so fast. Some became obsolete or company remodel the product such as smartphones and laptops. From education, medical technology and business industry, technology is one of the main asset and factor of organizations advantage. Because of globalization and innovation, organization needed to update for strong competition in the market and improve efficiency and effectiveness. For future vehicle, Canadian inventor Catalin Alexandru Duru created a flying prototype of first ever real-life hoverboard.

Using his invention he tried to fly it in farthest distance it could take. He managed to travel in a total distance of 275.9 cm to achieve new Guinness World Records title Farthest Flight By A Hoverboard. His flight height were 5 meters covering twice the distance of two full-sized football pitches before to land in Lake Ouareau in Quebec Canada. The machine was built and designed over a year that can be used anywhere.

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