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Have A Glimpse Of Super Rich Luxury Storage Rooms That Are Only Made For Them Millionaires

If you want your multi-million cars, classic or vintage cars or paintings, wines or china wares you can keep it here in RoboVault. RoboVault is a high storage facility in Florida, automated the security and process through high-end computers. This “Fort Know storage” cost a million where only billionaires and Hollywood super listers can afford this luxury of storage. This is the place where vintage wines and fine art collection sleeps, shielded from Category 5 hurricanes.

Wealthy people store there heirlooms, gems even a dinosaur bones kept hidden here under a multimillion price as well. The vehicles are stored 75 feet above see level and a climate controlled building. This could not be easily accessed by anyone because it is virtually impenetrable to theft. This advanced robotic building is filled of armed guards and can only be accessed by finger print scan to open the vault. And the person behind this business is a woman named Susan McGregor.

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