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Kitchen Raid: Modern Inventors Transformed New Way Process Of Cooking In The Near Future

Speaking of cooking, since ancient times people cook using fire. In modern days we use ovens, toaster, microwave or pressure cooker to cook foods but some of us can’t neglect the usual cooking process. Technology become the basic commodity where we rely all our living ways and routine. Modern inventors transformed the future cooking process. The former CTO of Microsoft has created a gigantic guide to kitchen science that could transform the way we eat.

A new equipment invented for cooking called “Innit”. Innit is currently talking to potential partners in the kitchen appliance and food industries. It has only created a platform that connects sensors to its software. It can cook an entire body of turkey and will determine the temperature and correct amount of time when it cooked. Innit has created a cooking system, built-in machine learning and high qualities sensors, that can detect whatever it is your cooking and produce a perfect results. It doesn’t only cook chicken or meat but potatoes, gazpacho and an apple tart. For each food, it had a design process optimized for exact menu item. All you have to do press play and technically your food is cooked.

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