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A Study Of Thorium Running A Car For 100 Years Without Refueling

Talking about the resources in fuels, there is a vast natural resources that we can find here on earth. The abundance of Thorium is much higher than Uranium. It is fertile rather than fissile. Counting the Thorium it has a high gross in the earth’s crust. Coal, Petroleum, and Natural Gas are some of the few energy fuels that releases greenhouse gases. To have a new source of energy some scientist suggest Thorium, it can breed uranium-233 to be used in various kinds of nuclear reactors.Thorium can be found in small amounts of rocks and soils. A pure thorium is a silvery white metal that retains its luster for several months. However, when it is has a mixture of oxide, it slowly tarnish in the air, becoming grey and eventually black.

It takes a 4 grams of thorium to meet the American need of energy for the whole year. There is study that the crude oil someday might disappear for a constant use, so the scientist keep searching for replacement or substitution of crude oil. Thorium fuel attract many features like lower level’s of waste generation, less transuranic elements in that waste and providing a diversification option for nuclear fuel supply. The use of this element leads to extra safety margin. In spite of this qualities, the commercialization of thorium fuels faces significant problems in terms of building an economic case to undertake necessary development work. Consuming the natural energy release and combusting greenhouses that could affect our ozone layer.

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