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New Technology 2016: Nexpaq Case For Samsung And Apple Smartphones

Smartphones evolve so fast last year 2015. Many company remodeled some old cellphones and invented a new one. But along with this smartphone, accessories is also a trend. Now Nezpaq is a popular Hong Kong startup and developer of modular cases for smartphone. They successfully raised almost $280, 0000 at kickstart last May 2015. After this, the company continue to develop new modular cases and Kickstart spread the word about their device implementing new ideas.

Recently, January 8, 2015 on CES show Nexpaq exhibit their new modular smartphone case. It allows the user to add extra hardware modules to their handsets. It has a selections include a breathalyser, a multi-colored flashlight, an SD card reader and an air quality sensor. The Nexpaq case cost $99 and its modules will range in price from $20 to $45. It can be used with the existing smartphone like iPhones and Galaxy S6 that come with the built-in ability to accept modules are already on sale and in development.

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