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Embrace The Heavy Giant Wave Of Teahupoo, A Paradise For Surfers

Teahupoo is a world-class place for surfers where gigantic waves splashing in the coastline. Its is a place known for its heaviest wave where you can sit in a boat or in the shoreline to watch the view. It is normally bigger that any of the surroundings passes as teahupoo faces directly into Southwest groundswell. However, the size of the wave, the pretty view, the wave pretty much breaks in the same position.A monstrous wave that anyone could see in their wildest imagination. The waves form an inescapable closeout or a flawless of barrel.

The seasons of surfing in Tahiti is from October to March where the swells that hit the Hawaii only smaller. The swell hits 77 atolls of the Tuamotus. From April to September surfers traveling from Antarctica to New Zealand and up to Tahiti. The unbreakable wave of Teahupoo attracts tourist surfers varying in levels of waves that suit them. Due to Tahiti’s position, facing the full uninterrupted force of South Pacific, waves can be had all year. You can have pleasure on your vacation in here in engaging a variety of adventure not just surfing.

(h/t): The Surf Travel Company

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