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Heartwarming Moment Seahawks Fan Opens Gift From His Favorite Team

He was anticipating that it would just be a great Christmas with his family. But there is much more that he did not expect that would turn this year’s Christmas into the most unforgettable and memorable one. For an avid fan, there could be just one wish he could ever wish for…that he might get something for a memory from his favorite players.

And his well-loved team did not leave him a stray in the Christmas season giving him one of the best material gifts he could ever receive. The fan receives the present from the Seahawks and by the time he opens the box, there is just one letter. And reading it, this was his heartwarming reaction.

The team was just very thankful of how he, the fan, passionately supports every play. And for a big fan, this one thing he just deserve. Guess what, he receives the helmet as well.

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