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Breath And Tame The Wild Monstrous Waves in Learning On How To Survive In Facing This Giant Ripple

Glory to the flirtatious waves of ocean that draws surfers like a hot babe. Mark Mathews will take us to a journey on how can we survive and thrive at Red Bull Cape Fear with renowned breath-hold trainer Nam Baldwin. he red Bull cape Fear is a surfing competition held locally in Sydney, Australia, on the southern side of the Botany Bay at Cape Solander. Mark shows how he is trained to handle ocean waves and bare multi-waves holds down.

He said, you need to ride big waves, know how to balance your body, train yourself to be physically fit, hold your breath and plunged underwater on how to cope with big waves. He said, “The thing with Cape Fears, the hold down themselves on particularly rough, but they’re so scary and you worries about hitting the bottom, getting washed into a cliff or a rock that a ten second wipeout.” If what the waves will do to you, you must do the same, simply mimic the moves. Doing it, you just hold yourself underwater at any stage you come up.

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