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The Controversial Bicycle For Women In Afghanistan

Improving women’s right in Afghanistan with bike is one of the deep taboo remain in this country. They find it controversial, provocative, and immoral. Shannon Galpin, the founder of M2M or Mountain2Mountain non-governmental organization advocates to grant women’s rights in riding a bicycle. She said that the girls found riding a bicycle have been sling-shotted, rocks are thrown, they’re insulted and their families are insulted. Women’s freedom has an issues and Shannon is committed to change that view by seeking out young women have a freedom to ride a bike.

The women’s freedom riding a bike will spark a revolution to enjoy biking facing the risk every time go out for a ride and an awareness that emphasize the mission the danger risk this riders take. In 2009 Shannon was the first woman to ride a mountain bike in Afghanistan. Then in 2010 across the Valley of Panjshir, she engaged cycling communities in support of M2M’s projects in the country. that benefited women and girls.

National Geographic

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