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Funniest Prank On Die-Hard Fun Of One Direction

Ahmed is a die-hard of One Direction Band. He bought all series albums of the band and when he goes to movies, he would take pictures to their cut outs. He had all their albums and memorize their songs. Recently, he joined a radio show to win a sold out tickets for 2014 concert. He thought he’ll gonna prank his friend but it turn the table. After receiving a prank call from his friend aka 102 K Yes FM, they informed him that he is one of the four contestants for the One Direction ticket if he answer the song lyric. And he did. The moment he answered the lyrics he jumped with joy. He waste no time and instantly went to the destination they gave him.

He’s freaking out and don’t know what to do with too much excitement.Together with his 2 friends, they went to the location. At the car Ahmed keep on singing. Anyway, when they arrive at the place he got mad and annoyed that his friends made fun of him. You should watch his reaction. It was so funny. Yet, the movie ticket was true, his friend bought him a concert ticket.

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