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Dolls Are Adorable But This One Is Really Creepy

Little girls truly enjoy every playtime when they have their dolls which they can change the clothes, comb and pin the hair with the style they want, and put glamorous accessories. They have fun every tea time wherein they talk and laugh with those adorable toys.

But not all dolls seem to be adorable just like the ones we see on movies like Chucky and Annabelle. We often get scared of them and this guy feels the same. He is sitting on his bed, using his phone and a Chucky doll sits next to him. At first, this guy is busy with his phone and did not mind the doll at all. But when it started to move, he felt a little creepy and examined it. But it did move once more so he continued using his phone. But it moved again so he touched it and the doll moved close to him, making the guy scream and run hysterically.

This Chucky doll prank is very funny because it made that guy with a very masculine appearance scream and run away. So if you have some creepy dolls, camera, and a frightful buddy, try this one and bring a real bunch of laughter.

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