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Zombies Attack Prank Can Be Very Funny

Zombie’s figure has appeared many times in fantasy themed fiction and entertainment as early as the 1920’s novels. They look really scary on those movies. Some people want a zombie-look during Halloween Season which is very common together with the witch’s costumes. But what if you really meet them along the way? How intense will you shout?

This zombie prank really scares people in the way. They make people shout their lungs out. They really surprises people for they walk unnoticed at first then attack their victims. The result is very satisfying for a prank. They come with different costumes and in different places.

So when you see and meet people that look like them, you already know what to do instead of shouting on your place with a crowd watching your reaction while laughing. Just don’t get mad for it is only an act of fun. Remember to be sport all the time.

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