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Funny Young Lad Performed His Failed Tricks In Escalator

Rolling up and down that’s how the escalator works where people pass through from different level of a building aside from elevator or lift we call. I tripped in an escalator before that many people around the shopping mall look at me sympathize and the others laughed at me. I know how embarrassing it sound but accidents often happen wherever we are. In this video, the boy execute his tricks above the moving handrail in an escalator together with his cameraman. I don’t know what he will do cause he only twirl his body above and fell down. He spin three or four times and he fell down and laugh aloud like a fool.

Thankfully he never get lodge on both glass wall, if he did? Haha what a pain in his neck for sure. He did fell because it escalated so fast, when he spin his body can’t comprehend on how fast the handrail run. Anyway, people today I think loosely use the word “Epic” just for fun.

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