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What Color Is Her Hair?

Let’s admit it, We love to color our hair. We dye them in various colors. It may be blue, yellow, pink,violet, or combinations of colors. However, there are some cases that colors can play with our eyes

One example is this girl’s hair. It looks like blue right? However, when she enters another room, her hair turned purple. How did it happen? The answer is the light that maxed with it. Notice the light and her hair. The light was white, right. But when she enters another room, which light is orange, the color mixes with the light and it turned purple. Here is the video below:

Amazing right? I do not believe that we have but a single color. In fact there are a lot of colors in one object. What do you think? Give a feedback and share this video to your family and friends.
(h/t: Sabrina)

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