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Viral Dance Sensation: Shake It Off Live With His Fire Blasted Performance That will Shock You

Some users of YouTube become a viral sensation all over the world once a single video uploaded and attract the attention of viewers and gain a million views. Ellen’s talk show had been inviting YouTube celebrity for so long and here another one. Dylan Barnes, 7, from Orland, Arkansas who loves Taylor Swift and dancing. He started to take dance lesson at 5 and undergone all kind of dances. His video of Taylor Swift’s single, Shake It off went viral and viewed by millions.

Currently, he is a second grade pupil and the time his video become locally popular, his friends throw off a gigantic parade when he got home one day from his dancing class. He normally dances if he feels it at their living room or inside his room, while, his brother watching TV at the living area. Ellen kindly gave him a gift of Taylor’s 1989 tour, hoping he would meet her.

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