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The Intriguing Glimpse Of Fictional Geisha’s In Japan

The word Geisha means a dance child. The culture of Geisha originated in Japan. Before becoming a Geisha they need to trained to dance, classical music, games and conversation with men. There is a big misunderstanding mystery laid behind on this fictional character. They are trained entertainers who can be employed during parties and other events. Typically they will perform a range of duties and they are well-known skills such as dancing, classical music. At present the Geisha reside in traditional houses known as Okiya and traditional instrument such as drums, shakuhachi and shamisen are still practiced today.

They are experts in mastering traditional songs and poetry as well as calligraphy. The early training of a Geisha is at the age of 4, however modern training of Geisha’s begin in teenage years. Traditional Geisha hairstyle can cause to recede. They grow their hair in the late 1950 long and sleep without a pillow to lean on but a big hole to put the hair inside. They cannot dye their hair and even pierce their ears. They have to contact people trough letter because phone calls are banned.

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