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Know Why This Women Have Long Necks In Generations

In Northwest Thailand close to the border Burma now Myanmar their refugee camp that harbors the unusual long neck tribe. Stretch necks and shackled limbs define this women called “Padaung” . For centuries this Padaung women known has to carry the tribe mark called as “Wang”. Each of them begin a painful process the girl the bone in flexible process. The women of the tribe wear a coil ring of brass around their necks. In their native Myanmar, Padaung people often faced persecution over these visible tribal symbols. They continue their culture from centuries, memorializing the struggles of the past and maintaining a link to their tribe’s history.

To achieve the look of their elders they have to come back every years to recoil the rings. In the process the Padaung must suffer or face some pain to have a long neck. As the coil grows the pressures pushes down to the shoulders and the neck appears to be long. To the Padaung the Wang is the signature of the tribe. The Padaung has draws tourist who traveled to witness their ancient way. Unexpectedly once was marked of persecution identity is now a profitable way to make a living.

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