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Straighten Your Hair Without The Help Of Your Flat Iron

Women are fond of straight hair, applying shampoo and conditioner products for straightening your hair or blower the hair and flatten using the iron. First thing first, that not all hair products are suitable for our hair cause sometimes, they tend to cause hair fall and frizziness. Here is a few tips to help you, having a straight hair that is so effortless. To get started prepare your hooded hair dryer, curler, pins, and hair heat sprayer.

First wash your hair thoroughly. And dry it with a bath towel. Prepare your curler. Brush your hair. Now get your curler and start to roll your hair. One step at a time to roll your hair in a thin strands. The larger the curler the better and work it one at a time. Repeat until your hair is all rolled up. Now place your head under the hooded hair dryer within 30-40 minutes. You can set the drier from how low or high. Afterwards,time to reveal. You have bouncy and straight hair. A better way that to use the flat iron.

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