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When He Plays The Piano You Will Be Stunned How Good He Is Though He’s 9 Years Old

Gavin George, a nine years old child prodigy playing the piano skillfully like any professional pianist. As a kid he love to play, watch his favorite movies and do stuff like other kids. He craved to learn different piece of songs and spending hours to practice everyday. Music has been the passion of Gavin’s mind at young age. He started to play at the age of 4 where his uncle gave him his baby grand old piano, ‘til then he began playing. Aging two, his parents bought him a DVD song when it played he dance cheerfully, bouncing and jumping. Gavin began reading when he’s about two and a –half. He study at home together with his little brother Max.

Gavin went to Washington, DC to play a concert at Constitutional Hall for the Dowd of American Revolution. He will play some of the most difficult music written.

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