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Healthy Lifestyle Of Eating: Delicious Hot Or Cold Food To Taste Preferences That Will Fill You Stomach

Food and food and food! You stomach drawl unto your mind. It simply says your hungry and need a food. But what’s the best to eat? Hot or cold? How they taste differently? May the other would say, “I choose hot food.” and the other “I choose cold food.” Scientifically, it depends on personal choice. When your stomach wants to eat hot, you will eat hot and if cold surely it will eat cold. Some experts said, when you eat hot food is more delicious than cold. Anyway, yes hot or cold. Food are processed, prepared and to be eaten when they are served hot or cold while you said so. Raw food when eaten are requires a lot more energy to digest. So, we human are very intelligent and the highest standard living animal in the planet found an idea to breakdown these raw food. The term cooking was born. In history, ancient people ate not cooked foods. Homo Erectus started using fire to stay warm, to ward off wild animals and make weapons.

When we heat food, it increase calories that is available. As it enter in our intestine we gather energy and nutrients from it. According to Carmody study, we get 30% of nutrients from cooked oats or potatoes than raw and 78% of protein from eggs. In digestion, cooked food digest faster than uncooked. So, cooked food is good when served hot to keep us from food poison, bacteria and indigestion. Just imagine while cooking you smelled it deliciously, you crave and hunger for it. Right? Likewise, cold food like ice-cream are made to be served cold. They are made for refreshment during summer or if you just wanted to.

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