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Hidden Treasures Of World War II – Eastern Front WWII Relic Hunting & Metal Detecting

War weapons such as different guns and grenades had been abandoned in different areas during World War II. If you wanted to dig up in some places where the war happened, for sure we can find many of it. With the help of metal detector this group of people find many war relic. The history of World War II place a big contribution in our present generation that could tell many story that I’d love to hear. This treasures are buried below the ground together with other remains like bodies of soldiers.

Digging metal scraps worth the time cause it tell so many story such as pain, loss, victory, patriotism, courage, heroism, tears and the history itself. Those people who could watch this video during their time from WWII will surely remember the tragic they encounter. The relics of guns shows that during the battle of war is not that easy and their life is at stake; their one foot is already on the pit of death at anytime. Keeping this remains will tell some story that has never been told or already been told and a sign of a great history we have.

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