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The Giant Bottle Garden Flourished Without Watering The Plants

David Latimer an 80-year-old, the owner of this self-sustaining jar garden that hasn’t been watered for 40 years. It’s been sitting under the hallway of his stairs. His close functional garden has been sealed inside a giant glass bottle since he started almost 54 years ago. The garden has been planted on Easter Sunday in 1960. He place some compost and a quarter of pint of water into a 10-gallon glass carbon and inserted a spiderwort sprout using wires. He opened the garden in 1972, and add a bit of water after that the sealed garden remained closed and never been open. All it needs is a sunlight.

The bacteria in the compost break down the dead plants and the plants given off oxygen turning into carbon dioxide that the plants neet to survive. The lights that the leaves got from sunlight helps to photosynthesize as part of the process of plants to live and survive.

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