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Don’t Eat Too Fast Said Scientist, You Wouldn’t Appreciate The Food Flavor And A Possibility High Risk Of Choking

You have favorite foods that you always crave. We love to eat and spend money for food. But let’s take it slow, so we can digest it easily one at a time. In table etiquette eating has a proper ways, in addition eating too fast said by experts is not good. People who eat too fast cannot taste and appreciate the food flavors. A high risk of indigestion and choking is usually the cited reasons why we must adhere to enjoy a leisurely meal. There is also some evidence linking speedy eating to disruption of chemical signals of fullness, leading to over consumption and obesity.

A study is presented in Medical University of South Carolina researchers at a digestive diseases gather 20 healthy adults had their acid reflux levels tested after both 5 minutes and 30 minute meal of chicken burger, french fries and a 16 ounce soft drink. The participants have 10 reflux episodes when they ate slowly and 14 when they ate swiftly.

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