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The Youngest Competitor Player In Tennis: A Prodigy At The Age Of 9

This child prodigy play tennis professionally at the age of 9. She will be the youngest competitor in the national Clay Court Championships. A top protegé of world-renown tennis instructor Rick Macci and a scholarship player at John McEnroe’s acclaimed tennis academy in New York City. Gabby has the heart and technique of a champion. At the age of 4, she started playing tennis where she enjoys playing soccer, basketball and baseball as well. Full of life and energy she followed her father’s foot steps who played tennis competitively in his years. Her father Marc, taught her how to play. Learning on how to swing and grip the racket correctly. Over their training, her father pursue this sport to develop Gabby’s skill in tennis.

Marc and Gabby play tennis daily for over a half an hour everyday. In course of coaching Jacqui Guy recommends to visit high profiled coach Rick Macci in Florida to supervise Gabby’s training. After assessing Gabby’s play-off by Macci, Rick saw she had the potential to be the best like any other players. He confirmed to her parents, she will received the best quality of training. She represents the future of US tennis in an era dominated by international superstars, where only two Americans have won the US open.

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