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These Little Kids Can Definitely Sing To Hard-Core Music

Korn is an American band known for its metal and hard-core music. This male band originated from Bakersfield, California in 1993 and still continues to rock the world of hard-core music up to the present. To name some of their celebrated albums are Neidermayer’s Mind in 1993, Life Is Peachy in 1996, Take a Look in the Mirror in 2003, The Paradigm Shift in 2013 and many more that really rocked the music industry.

These two kids seemed to adore the band very much that they both love to sing along with the band’s hit song ‘Falling Away From Me’. This little boy and girl synchronized as they sing with their lips. They used their hands as microphones and banged their heads to the beat of the music like they were rehearsing for an upcoming concert.

They both seemed to have the same taste in music but the little boy definitely steals the show as he seemed to be very energized with the hard-core music.

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