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Experience The Time Lapse Of The Blooming Bud Of Cactus In Beautiful Angles As It Grow

In some instances in life of Filmmakers are obsess in capturing or filming interesting object that caught their attention. Quickly modern paraphernalia in filming improved to capture influential subject. The filmmaker Greg Krehel captures 15 varieties of cactus flower blooming in incredible time-lapse. It quickly shows the series of action from bud the flower blooms accordingly such as the opening happen so fast that the flower last for only a day, with a peak period occurring for a mere hour or two. We can stare on a flower and appreciate the beauty once it bloomed, but the realization on how did they grow is more fascinating.

THe aim of this video selected by National Geographic Editors is to inspire people around the globe to care about our planet. The organization mission affirms that they made all the possibilities to help and save the Earth.

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