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A Simple Tips On How To Walk Using High Heels

Walk like a cat walk, have you heard of that? It’s very common in the stage of modeling. Every girls has a passion in high heels yet the common problem is how to walk with it properly and confidently. When we say chin up, breast out and walk like not your normal walk with a rubber shoes or flat sandals on your feet is totally different on high heels. If think that your too short or tall, a fashionista need a pair high heels. It gives extra transformation to any outfit you wear. If you wanted to know what I mean grab your stilettos and have your walk. One of the best example is your wedge, they are the best selection on your feet that will keep you well balance.

The goal when you walk must start from heel to toe not other-way round. Cause when you walk from toe to heel will look very strange. When you take steps be sure it is short not a long stride. Keeping it short the better and safe. Grab your pumps and walk like a pro. You will see what I mean. So to wear you high heels first you must make it sure that it is the right size, choose the thicker heel cause it is must better and safe. Avoid thin soles, opting instead for a platform. Stretch you feet after you take your shoes off and take a more coverage top up.

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