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2014: Worlds Fastest Land Speed

In this world their is always the best, the strongest, the smallest and so on and so forth. But right here, right now a new title record overtook the fastest land speed ever this last December 8, 2014. The last title were Andy Green, OBE had try to dare a new record together with Richard Noble, OBE the land speed record holder 1983-1997. They are now the new title holder. The fastest land speed is challenging and thrill-some that they ever done.

How incredible it is they beat their own record again. Through out the years different machines and vehicles invented to be the fastest but only few that are courageous to try. From bullet trains to jet plain but land based is another matter. Trains can be driven without human but a man to be inside in it gives me goosebumps. But these men dares even the daredevil himself.

What can you say about Andy and Richard? I can say they are daredevils and cool. Like and share this video to your friends. And you can live a comment below. We love to hear someting from you.

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