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Let’s Explore The Ancient Lost Cities And Civilization That Have Been Found By Archeological Experts

Whenever we discussed “lost cities” the first came to mind Atlantis. However, experts have no enough evidence that this city existed being swallowed by the sea. The lost cities were revealed where no one had known they existed before time. Cities could be lost for some definite reason such as it had fallen for a variety of reasons and without resident population until for centuries they are discovered. This list of cities focuses on cities which have been abandoned, forgotten and rediscovered. Except of a fact nearby people living in the area. Ani, Armenia a ruined medieval city site located in Turkish province. The city first rose in 5th century A. D., it has a bunch of trade routes and religious churches and palaces or vacation places where one of the modern city in the world. The city was named of “One Thousand Churches” because it has a lot of churches. Palmyra, Syria once an important city in Syria. It is a route of certain travelers across the area as bride of the desert.

Machu Pichu, Peru. this old Inca city sits on the peak in the Andes. It had been inhabited for a short period of time from 1450-1572 AD, before being abandoned as a result of Spanish conquest of South America. Pompeii, Italy, this city was covered of ashes when the Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD erupted. It covers nearby towns with ash and soil. The city was abandoned and forgotten for a long time. The ash which took many lives preserved the towns and perfection for 17 hundreds years. Pompeii was rediscovered as the result of excavation in 18th century.

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