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Some users of YouTube become a viral sensation all over the world once a single video uploaded and attract the attention of viewers and gain a million views. Ellen’s talk show had been inviting YouTube celebrity for so long and here another one. Dylan Barnes, 7, from Orland, Arkansas who loves Taylor Swift and dancing. [...]

There are nearly 200 types of dwarfism and the smallest most proportionate one are called Primordial Dwarf. It estimated a hundred of primordial dwarf in the world and 40 among them lived in US. They are so small, that all their body parts are proportionate according to their size even their heart and lungs. It [...]

Pose, click, smile, capture! Routines of a magazine models. You better watch out this 8 month old baby Freya Fossaceco of UK, a booming Instagram fashionista. This adorable baby, too young to stand up but it never stop her mom to make her a model. Looking up at the camera, wearing different colorful headbands and [...]

The man behind living with these pack of wolves is no other than the “The Real Life Wolf Man” Shaun Ellis, 47, from NOrth Devon, England. He is an animal researcher that he is notable for living with wolves and adopting a pack of abandoned North American timber wolf pups. Shaun devoted his life to [...]

Oregon State UniversityScientists said they’ve found the oldest floral reproduction in an amber fossil in Burma dates back from mid-Cretaceous Era. The time with dinosaurs ruled the earth. The hundred year old piece of amber discovered, reveals the oldest floral reproduction in a flowering plant. A cluster of 18 tiny flowers with one of them [...]

When somebody heard the name Michael Jackson, they will shout if not jump with joy. Despite of a controversial issues in MJ’s life, people never cloud their mind in MJ’s lively and stunning performance on stage when he was still alive. Even today, kids still express their admiration to the late phenomenal Michael Jackson dance [...]

Everyone had their own fear and pain. Some people can’t express themselves to the public because they are afraid of criticism, prejudice and to be hurt. Individual build their own world where they can feel comfort and security. Buildings walls to detach themselves to the real world. Meet Anna Clendening, 20, a native of Chapel [...]

In Ellen show, they invited several kid sensations and prodigies in different part of the world to exhibit their unique talent. A Pinoy kid YouTube sensation, John “Balang” Bughaw uploaded his video dancing “Bang Bang” went viral and viewed over 12 million people all over the internet. On his previous visit at Ellen, he knock [...]

This eccentric type of bird belongs to family of Paradisaeidae of the order Passeriformes. It is commonly found in eastern Indonesia, Papua New Guinea and eastern Australia. This bird is known to its plumage of the males of the lascivious dimorphic species. Specifically, Wilson’s bird-of-paradise had a fantastic combination of colors which highly elongated and [...]

Any part of the Earth can be discovered and explored by people. From an ancients ruins to modern generation of technology, experts hunger for adventure and discoveries that has not been found yet. In our world today using internet, we can capture and view the remotest part of the earth using Google maps and satellites. [...]