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Have you had something precious to you that barely let it go? You always carry it with you around. Meet McKenzy, a three-year old kid lost her most beloved stuffed giraffe which she call it “Raffy”. This angelic daughter of army staff Sgt. Nicolas Paugam carry her toy everywhere. From grocery shopping to her sleep [...]

Smartphones evolve so fast last year 2015. Many company remodeled some old cellphones and invented a new one. But along with this smartphone, accessories is also a trend. Now Nezpaq is a popular Hong Kong startup and developer of modular cases for smartphone. They successfully raised almost $280, 0000 at kickstart last May 2015. After [...]

Meet Zeus McClurkin, 28, native rookie of Columbus, Ohio was always a life time fan of Ohio State University. The Harlem Globetrotters rookie is always a happy-go-lucky said his brother. When he was in high school, he play basketball, swimming, football, tennis and soccer. But the one and only sport he excel the most is [...]

This serial title holder in Mumbai, India, Dinesh Upadhyaya broke his own previous record for the Most Lit Candles in the mouth. Stuffing it with flaming candles and holding them in 30 seconds without any support from his hands or other body parts. He held this record-breaking last November 10, 2015. His previous record was [...]

If some children prefer to play with their playmates and go to school, Kajol Khan, 8-year-old girl from Ghatampur, Uttar Pradesh, India is different. She favors to play with her 6 best friends King Cobra. She also doesn’t want to go to school but love to catch snakes like her father. Fearlessly, Kajol spent most [...]

The Yuletide Season has just past and the people in Chengannur, India made an incredible record-breaking of the Largest Human Christmas Tree last December 19, 2015 before the Christmas arrive. The Human Christmas Tree was composed 4, 030 participated to make the giant tree and it was made by Mission Chengannur and Sobhana George. The [...]

Courtship dance rituals to birds are their way to find a mate. It has a season on when to a mate. The blue-capped cordon blue is quite interesting when it comes to breeding. This small finch does fairly well in captivity given adequate conditions. As you can see at the end of the video, the [...]

My oh, my! So hot and fearless. This Super chef uses his bare hands cooking fried chicken by dipping into boiling oil. Meet Khan Trichan, 50, from Chiang Mai., Thailand, a world record holder. He cook without blisters and standing still. He buries his hands into a boiling fat and sieve fried chicken with his [...]

Women love to look sexy and beautiful everyday. Wanted look incredible you ever been in life. It is no secret that women engaged into extreme to achieve perfection: cash diets, intense work out, serious cleanses and dramatic treatment to fix every problem spot. We have a remedy to that. In order for you (women) to [...]

The weather is bitter cold at Upper midwest area of US, especially in Minnesota. Rain or shine, hot or cold the Sunday’s Wild Card Game between the Seattle Seahawks and the Minnesota Vikings still on going. Die hard fans turn out to support and cheer their bet team. The weather was the hot topic beside [...]