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Onkuri Majumbar Doesn’t Feel Guilty For Busting The Wildlife Trafickers

Onkuri Majumdar a Wildlife Conservationist and a 2015 National Geographic emerging explorer presented that she doesn’t care or have a guilt busting the wildlife traffickers. She help the government to prevent and crack down wild traffickers for the government agencies are not equipped to deal with wildlife crimes. On the other hand, to some corrupt countries government officials are responsible of such crime. The passion of Onkuri will encourage scientist, researchers, philosophers and explorer and even natural people to care for animals in our environment, especially to those are endangered.

The compassion to deal with this illegalities makes another contribution to conserve the mother nature and animals. Injustice to animals is like to human as well for there is human trafficking. Where is the heart and soul of this people? Let us start to take care our mother nature and everything that’s around in it.

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