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The Mysterious Life Of Smallest People In The World

There are nearly 200 types of dwarfism and the smallest most proportionate one are called Primordial Dwarf. It estimated a hundred of primordial dwarf in the world and 40 among them lived in US. They are so small, that all their body parts are proportionate according to their size even their heart and lungs. It seems, the looks are miniature of natural human size but very cute. Primordial means fundamental, existing at or from the beginning.

Primordial are so rare. No one knows what recessive genes or chromosomes cause the syndrome. Its origin is predestined from the first moment in the world. Consequently they’re born and live shrouded in mystery. They are characterized by severely restricted growth, high pitch squeaky voice and proportionate limb. The existence of their life is near 30 and there is no cure and rarely grows at 3 feet and 6 inches.

Their existence is very difficult to their parent’s just like to them. Maybe being small had some great benefits that you can fit in tiny hole, riding train and buses or look really cute. But behind the façade, they are facing hardships socially, physically and emotionally. Some of them dream to have a normal life and bear children. One of them Hannah, 10, height: 2 ft 10 inches, weight: 21 lbs from Hugo Minnesota. For a girl like her, she dreamed to be big. She hates to be bullied or called “she’s such as baby, too small to do that or you can’t do that”. Those things she hates the most.

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