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A Heart Moving Act Of A Young Secret Millionaire Ali Brown To Help The People Who Are Homeless

Simple act sometimes no need to be recognized the worker behind the curtains. The act of kindness is deep within you that you don’t need the appreciation or recognition of others to be called a hero. Being generous is from the heart that when you do something to others you don’t expect anything in return. And that kindness show that you love your neighbors and you care for them. Nobody lives in an island as we say. You may have the money but you ain’t happy at all because some that surrounds you are pretense.

This simple lady Ali Brown, 38 years old, a secret millionaire secretly engaged help the volunteers to distribute some goodies and blankets to the homeless people around the street of Los Angeles, CA. She discovered an organization strives that needs some help. The name of organization is Common Ground, they offer food, medical treatment and clothing to those who are homeless. They do counseling to young adults who in need of personal or psychological matters. She’s on the hunt to help the needless and donate a house for them to stay. The real life behind her world is unlike the way she used to. She had so much but she never thought others at the other side of world have nothing.

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