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Amazing Surprise For A Hardworking-Lovable Teacher That Would Blow Her Mind

Christmas season is filled of surprises of presents or gifts to someone who you love and admire. For such a hardworking person like Megan Bentley, a second grade teacher at Frederic Douglas Elementary School, Leesburg, Virginia is worth to surprise due to her hard work, care, love, gentleness and generosity to the children she currently teaching at the said school. She and her husband Bruce, undergone many hardships, paying from loans to another loans, and paychecks to survive. So, Megan is force to find another work and she’s even looking for her third job.

Ellen a Santa who’s coming to her town to shock her and her husband where Jennie, one of Ellen’s crew is outside of Megan’s house. Megan doesn’t know anything what’s happening at all on how her co-teachers conspired with Ellen just to surprise her on the leadership of her principal. The compassionate teacher blows her mind when she knew that Ellen was on the phone she’s talking with and all she could do was to shout out her joy. Ellen offered her all the presents she gave away during the entire 12 Days of her featured show this December.

On her simple act on service, other person recognized her compassion and been rewarded that she worth it.

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