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Christmas Is Full Of Surprises But This Military Make Difference The Meaning Of Surprise When He Present Himself As A Gift To His Wife

December is approaching and Christmas is in the air. Stores are busy for shoppers and kids can’t wait to have their gifts from the people they love. Many are excited about this special holiday such as wives, husbands, children, grandfather and mother, aunt and uncle, lastly godmothers and fathers. Everyone. But what is the essence of Christmas to you? Ellen Show have a twelve gifts away before Christmas and the lucky one of them is Jenn Lucky from Pointed Beach, Florida. A married woman to Capt. Michael Lucky, a military who in service for 18 years. All she knew her husband will be home after Christmas but little did she know that her husband was at the back stage were hiding.

Before the warm surprise, Ellen showed her a video message from her husband. The moment the door opened she was shocked and run to her husband’s arms crying. Mike wrote to Ellen Show to surprise his wife as he know Jenn often watch the TV show. Heart touching moment of family reunion before Christmas. Ellen could be a Santa Claus now. 🙂

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