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Here Are The Amazing Facts About Dreams

They say our dreams could have interpretations while some say that dreams could be the opposite of what will happen in reality. But still, none have proven these notions to be true.

Everyone surely experienced having dreams, even the babies or the animals. And here are some facts about dreams that you may want to know. Everybody has a dream every time they sleep but forget 50 percent of those five minutes after it ends and 90 percent of it after 10 minutes. In fact, an average person could have 4-7 dreams per night.

The feeling of falling happens on the first stage of sleeping and extreme dreaming happens during rapid eye movement which occurs 90 minutes after sleeping.

Some dreams end up into some great things such as the periodic table, sewing machine, DNA structure, and many more that are products of the inventors’ dreams. So keep on dreaming as you might discover or create something big out of it.

Source Credit: BuzzFeedYellow
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