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Talking Of Child Prodigies, This Kid Is One Of A Kind Life Changing

Cesar Sant, 6 year-old boy who love to play violin with an incredible talent and love to solve math problems, can even speak 7 languages and a Karate kid which he earned a black stripe belt. He suffered three acute cerebrovascular accident due to sickle-cell anemia.On his third, late June 2014, it left him ill and unable to walk and play violin by himself for 6 months. In behalf of his illness, it cannot stop him to do what he love to do in life. Now, he tries to regain his musical abilities.

This young man, fighting tooth to tooth to survive this life and live a normal life-like all people. A touching moment, when he heard music he think himself he cannot play and just let his tears flow in his eyes. He’ll gonna ask him mom, “Why?”. Cesar is very tough, he doesn’t mind the pain but only the sadness he can’t walk.

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