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This Adorable 3-Year-Old Kid Had A Happy Tears When She Found Her Beloved Stuffed Toy

Have you had something precious to you that barely let it go? You always carry it with you around. Meet McKenzy, a three-year old kid lost her most beloved stuffed giraffe which she call it “Raffy”. This angelic daughter of army staff Sgt. Nicolas Paugam carry her toy everywhere. From grocery shopping to her sleep even she is sick. The way she treat it, as if it is her living friend that breath. McKenzy’s mom said that Raffy is her constant friend on their many moves.

On their most recent move to Washington State to Pennsylvania, Raffy got lost and in eleven days she constantly search for him. The stuffed toy is her constant companion and loosing it a very big deal. McKenzy instantly notice right before they move. He parent assumed it was in one of their boxes. But on the very end of their unpacking, Jenn, her mother found it in a box. They hid Raffy in a box and record her reaction. She was delighted to see her lost friend and made another surprise into bursting a happy cry.

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