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This Little Girl Messes With The Wrong Rooster

At times, little children find animals or our pets as their great playmates. Some chose to play with animals as these playmates are not able to complain and would stay longer as a playing buddy compared to any other kids and they would not get mad at the playing child even if he or she does something very annoying.

But this little girl seems to pick the wrong chicken to be her playmate. A group of chicken and ducks were primarily having a great time in their habitat when this little girl interrupted. She went near these animals and when she was near the cage, she accidentally stepped on a rooster. She seemed to mess up with the wrong rooster because it got mad and chased after her. The little girl ran fast while screaming.

The little girl fell on the ground and the mad rooster came rushing towards her with its mighty beak.

Source Credit: AFV Animals
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