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Famous Halloween Candy Boys Were Tricked By Their Mom Eating All Of Their Candies

This two adorable kids become famous in YouTube in uploading their videos trick or treat candies collected during Halloween. Jimmy Kimmel check them out again after two years if how are they. CJ and Jake who was 3 and 9 years old before visited Jimmy Kimmel show before. Their video went viral after their mother told them she ate all their candies and tape their reaction. It was very funny making fun with her children. It was Jimmy who told their mother to record the video and tell them she ate the whole bunch of their treats and send him the video.

Jimmy requested for the fourth annual “Halloween Candy YouTube Challenge” and decided to revisit the kids. Now Jake age 6 and CJ age 11, they find the trick so funny and just laugh about it. They said they will gonna be more cautious on their mom and will keep the candies away from her sneaky hands. And the trick won’t affect them now.

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