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Have You Miss Jackie Chan? He Will Make You Laugh Again Like His Movies, Check This out

Jackie Chan is a famous stuntman, director, philanthropist, actor, singer and director. He direct his own movie with his acrobatic fighting style, comic timing, used of improvise weapons when he perform. He has been acting since 19960s and appeared in over 150 films. Anyway, for a long time Ellen meets Jackie. For ac actor, Jackie is always filled of sense of humor. He can make you laugh and he did make Ellen laugh.

On a portion of Ellen’s introduction, he said, “When you introduce me next time just Jackie Chan. Why is everybody introduce Jackie Chan. (while talking he interprets people’s signature of his Kung Fu moves)”. Ain’t he cute, hahaha :). Even children when he walk in the street of Europe and America they recognize him, they do Kung Fu moves he said. Ellen make fun of Jackie in making a phone call where he finds it very difficult to negotiate a times. Just click the video below to watch Jackie at Ellen Show.

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