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Funny Thing About Stereotypes, Why People Classify According To Conventional Conception

Stereotypes is a fixed, over generalized belief about a particular group or class of people defined by Cardwell (1996). We often define a group of people to have the same character towards in culture, ethnic groups and races that is where the stereotypes exist. Meeting new person in a new place we simplify that the whole race have the same range of characteristics. Stand up comedian Katerina Vrana talks about stereotypes and making us believe that the reason they are funny is really true.She was a born in Greece and live in London for a decade.

Appearing on stage speaking of how true what we thought other people in some ways are true. In her 16 minutes talk she showed from her humor, inconvenient truths and family secrets and to the actress’s plan for global domination. Defining yourself between stereotypes, look how truth about it which make you can laugh.

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