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Funny Football Moments With A Marten Running Around The Field And Bitten Loris Benito

Hail the game football in Europe. Everyone love to watch this game shouting loud when the favorite team player took a goal. Fans set trail in every game that it becomes popular game. But this football game had a funny moment when a marten emerge from nowhere running around the football field. It stopped the game and leave the players stunned. Wondering what’s going on, only to find out this funny little rat chasing around himself.

The funny side was a player name Loris Bartolo chase the marten and bitten. Run wild, he caught it but didn’t know lately that it will cause him injury. One of the goalkeeper caught the animal and handed to officials. The game was interrupted but gather around of applause when they caught the deadly animal. A funny moment always happen in unwanted time and place.

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