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Learn How This Dogs Saved The Lives Of Retired Soldiers From Their PTSD

Dogs is mans best friend, commonly the other people say. Generally, dogs stays at home and guarding it, also playing with the owner. But anther story will tell you how this rescue dogs saving the lives of veterans struggling with PTSD. PTSD stands for post-traumatic stress disorder an illness the soldiers suffer. K9s for Warriors is a non-profit organization has a program that will help this legendary soldiers.

Soldiers are paired with dogs, rescued from shattered shelters. They have been trained extremely to give comfort and be a confidant of every soldier. Helping the soldiers to regain their mental, emotional, and physical support to recoup their confidence and independence and have another second chance in life. Surprisingly dogs sometimes can be sympathetic than humans because we are able to communicate with them without realizing they listen as if they are one of us. They have feeling like us, but very few can appreciate the meaning of emotion.

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