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Scare The Daylights of Your Boyfriend, Prank Him With Poppers

It’s natural for a couple to have fun with each other, taunting and teasing goes around. Boyfriend is on the subject and the girlfriend is on the hunt of shenanigan tricks to victimize her lover. To get her revenge she needs to put on some tricks like her boyfriend did to her. A fair square game and aim to make her lover feel foolish.

In contrast she use poppers to scare the living daylights of Bashur and laugh at him. Bashur do get angry on her tricks because he said it’s not a bit funny, but it is. (haha) As the saying goes, ‘don’t do anything foolish to anyone, if you don’t want it to be done on you’. Clara startled Bashur when he play skateboard around the pool area. He did fall on the pool and the other one trick she startled him when he hang the poster on the wall and knock off on a frame using his hammer. The frame of his poster was broken. What an awful incident but yet funny.

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